What Jobs Can You Get With a Health Administration Degree?

In hospitals or other medical institutes, patients get direct service from the doctors and nurses. But, it is the health administrator who manages and plans the whole treatment process and works for a better quality service. With a health administration degree, a person can apply for a medical services manager, health information manager and nursing home administrator and many other positions. As the need of health care and health industry is growing at a significant rate, job opportunities for a health administration degree holder is also widening at a steady rate.

There are two kinds of degrees a student can achieve: Bachelor’s degree and Masters in Health Administration (MHA). MHA requires at least 4 years of education of Bachelor’s degree and a specific amount of experience in practical field. This is a lot longer than many quick careers such as nursing or medical assisting. (Read: How Long Does It Take To Become a Medical Assistant.) The courses of MHA includes healthcare economics, organizational behavior, management of healthcare organizations, healthcare marketing and communications, human resource management, information systems management and assessment, operations assessment and improvement, governance, statistical analysis and application, financial analysis and management, strategy formulation and implementation, Healthcare Models Across the Globe, Effective Organizations: Theory and Practice, and Healthcare Quality, Regulation, and Risk Management, healthcare economics, leadership, population health and so on.

Some of the best universities which offer Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration are:- Ashford University, California State University at Long Beach and ECPI University. On the other hand, Temple University and University of Phoenix offers MHA and Associate degree in Healthcare Administration.

A significant number of online MHA degrees can be achieved from Colorado State University, Penn State University, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati etc.

After completing the MHA degree, a whole new world of opportunities opens up for the student and he becomes ready for the professional health industry. Usually, they can work as a manager, administrator, director in health facilities. At first, they may start as an assistant health administrator and as time goes by, they can apply for jobs which need more experience and skills. Philadelphia, Dallas and Los Angeles are popular career destinations for healthcare administration graduates

One possible job is as a nursing home administrator who monitors health services, maintains the quality of patient care, recruits stuff, manages new residents, handles budgets and finances, orders medical supplies and even contributes in advertising and public relations. As a whole, a nursing home administrator manages all daily operations and work of the stuff.

A health information manager maintains the patient database in the computers and prevents unauthorized use of that information by the hackers. He also communicates with the upper management, direct he stuff and monitor their services. But a health information manager requires IT expertise along with managerial skills.

Another position is working as a clinical manager who makes sure that the health service in efficient and meets the demands of the patients. Working in a specific department under a physician’s supervision, making budgets, hiring and training stuff, deciding about strategies and planning- all these things fall under the duties of a clinical manager.

Evaluation and analysis are the duties of a community health coordinator. If a problem arises regarding the health service of an institute, he evaluates the problem and introduces a solution which helps the coordination of their services. They also report on program results, recruit stuff and handle budget when required.

If a student achieves the MHA degree, he can apply for the position of a chief nurse coordinator. He will have to coordinate and monitor all he nurses, their standards, manage nursing budget, hire nurses and keep in touch with the upper management.

These are the most known and popular field of job for a health administration degree holder. But, his salary level will depend on his education, experience, skill level, reputation, availability and some other qualities. The salary ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 per year and it varies according to duties and location. (Read: Hospital Administration Salary: No Golden Parachutes Here!) The average annual salary for medical services managers is around $84,270.A health information manager typically earn between $36,350 to $104, 698 and a nursing home administrator earns $45,636 to $115,594 per year.

A graduate of health administration degree has both health expertise and management expertise which helps coordinating any small or large hospital service. Sometimes, it requires IT expertise to evaluate and analysis data by using statistics and protect database from hackers. As a result, he has to play a versatile role. In modern health industry, in order to follow a successful career path, a health administration degree at Bachelor’s or Masters level can help a student more than ever. Since, the expense and need of medical care in United States is growing day by day, a health administration graduate can choose one of the many job fields according to his expertise and can take the health industry on a new level.