Random PS4, TV and Computer brand thoughts

Photo courtesy: Luis Alejandro from flickr. CC BY 2.0

A few years ago, I bought a PlayStation 4. I paid around 400 bucks, which is way more than what they sell for nowadays.

The PS4 has a lot of great games, including The Uncharted series, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

I’ve bought other games — like Drive Club and Last of Us, which is awesome.

Drive Club is OK. I would not buy it again, though. Maybe I’ll pick up Project Cars for racing.

My favorite racing game is Grand Turismo 2, which is for the Playstation 2. I love being able to modify cars and race classes where I’ll dominate the field. Sure, it’s an easy win. It’s fun, though.

I play games to escape; I’m not a competitive gamer. I like Grand Turismo 2 because it’s an escape.

Playing old games

As I mentioned, I like some older games — much more than current ones.

To solve the issue, I bought a PlayStation 2 on Craigslist for $50 bucks and a couple games, including Grand Turismo 2 and Metal Gear Solid. These are awesome games.

I don’t need the modem to play them. It’s great.

The downside: I have an extra console floating around, but i don’t care. The PS2 graphics look no where near as good the PS4. But, the games are worth it, in my opinion.

Used or new?

I bought new. I had not bought a TV in years and decided to upgrade at the same time. I bought a Vizio brand TV and PS4 from Amazon. You may not the money to do that. What options do you have?

My first thought is Craigslist.org.

Before I purchased a PS4, I scoured Craigslist to see what prices they were selling for.

My local Craigslist had PS4s, with a couple games, for around $250-300. That’s a pretty good deal.

I had an issue, though: I know how hard I am on computer equipment — letting it run for weeks and months at a time. (I have never had an issue with Asus brand computers.)

Do research before arguing about operating computers 24/7 versus the constant turn-on and shut-offs most equipment faces. Then, we’ll talk about which is greener — replacing a fan every year or replacing an entire computer every year.

That said, I expected the fan or hard drive to be a little less tolerate of my (ab)use on a previously owned unit. I did not know how the equipment was treated before me. I decided upon new just in case.

For an extra hundred bucks, I could buy a new PS4 with a 1 year warranty.

The answer was obvious to me. Why risk buying (ab)used equipment that could fail when I’d abuse it and possibly make it fail?

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