Maybe It’s Better Being a Night Owl

Breakfast muffins. Yum.

I know I wrote about waking up early, but, man, I’ve fallen out of the habit after working a second shift stint.

So, instead, I thought I would embrace being a night owl and write about it.

What’s so great about staying up late?

No early mornings

I wake up long after the sun is up, which means I sleep a little longer. I feel better because of it.

Limited phone, text, and email

It’s a little more relaxing at night, I think, because my smartphone is not telling me I have texts or emails. And few people will call at night — at least the ones I don’t want to talk to won’t call at night. No marketers or sales calls. Perfect peace and quiet.

Just chillin’

Most businesses are closed and there’s no chance of missing an doctor’s appointment — or, rather, waiting patiently to see the physician.

Also, there’s no expectation of social engagement when you’re a night owl. You can retreat and just hang out.

Sweet dreams

When you do go to sleep, it seems like sleeps comes quick. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning for 30 minutes to a half hour.

And when counting sheep doesn’t work, you’re going to get up and do something anyway. Might as well just stay up.

Time stands still

I feel like I have more time during the day when I get up later — not sure why. It’s counter-intuitive because there’s less daylight when I’m awake.

I use the time at night to work on hobbies when the kids are asleep and the wife is reading.

If I tried doing hobby stuff while they were awake, I’d feel a little guilty because I was not spending time with them and just retreating to my man-cave.

Social life

You can’t use the I’m too tired excuse to do things with friends when you are a night owl.

Night friends

Night owls seem to be more relaxed and laid back. I think there’s a camaraderie between those who burn the midnight oil.

Less rush

I don’t feel rushed when I stay up late. It gives me time to complete domestic stuff that I might otherwise slack on.

I also get time to clear my head.

Breakfast anytime

Although many won’t eat breakfast at any time of the day, I will. When I go around 9 or 9:30, the crowd is gone. Less waiting. Quicker service.

The only bad thing is that sometimes I’m a little to late for breakfast at the restaurant and they want to start service lunch.

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