Camera phone or a point and shoot camera?

When I upgraded to a smartphone, one of the biggest differences between my old dumbphone and the smartphone was the camera. My dumbphone had a camera that took pictures that had the quality of a potato. The smartphone I bought did so much better but how did it compare to a point and shoot camera?

Although I do believe the best camera is the one you have on you, I have to admit that most smartphones do a really good job — almost to the point where I don’t think I will buy another point and shoot.

I currently have a pretty pricey point and shoot — a Canon G7 X. It is an amazing camera, and I always bring it with me when traveling. For me, the big reason why I do not just rely on a smartphone camera is the G7 X’s Manual mode. I really like the Manual mode operation, along with the ability to have a large flash drive and dedicated battery when taking a lot of photos. I know my smartphone would not be able to take a lot of photos without draining the battery and needing a charge.

I do not think I would replace my current point and shoot and rely only on a camera phone. I use the camera phone when I am out-and-about and do not have another camera. It does fine and is the only option for getting the picture. If my G7 X gives up the ghost, I will probably buy a DSLR so I can get a super wide lens for landscape shots. That is really the only issue I have with my current camera — lens offerings.

I knew when I bought the point and shoot, it did not have interchangeable lens. I was fine with that because it could take 80 percent of the pictures as it was. The extra 20 percent is why I need a DSLR, with a telephoto lens and an ultra wide angle lens. I think a telephoto lens does a much better job at blurring backgrounds when taking close-up pictures. I also think the wide angle lens makes photos look super cool.

Although I would like to add a DSLR to the mix, I could not justify it because of the cost and size. One could argue the G7 X cost almost as much as a DSLR and that is true but the size of it makes it perfect for my needs. I like the space-saving camera and do not want to look like a “professional photographer” because I am not.